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Saturday, June 4, 2016

Heartless Salomi Indian & Bangladeshi Restaurant of North Hollywood

Above, Salomi Indian & Bangladeshi Restaurant.

Jim Beaver posted the following update:
The restaurant in which my daughter had difficulty the other night has reached out to me. I am content with their response, and while I bear full responsibility for having set off the firestorm of comments, calls, and bad reviews on Yelp and other sites by merely posting my concerns about what happened, I wish to ask each of you who posted something negative about the restaurant on any site, Yelp, Facebook, or other, if you would delete your negative comment. This situation, despite my initial handling, is between me, my daughter, and the restaurant, and as far as I am concerned, it has been resolved to my satisfaction. 
I spoke with my daughter last night about how frightening it was that a small story about bad human behavior had led an enormous number of people into the same kind of reactive emotional action that I tell her everyday to fight against. We are defensive of those we love, and rightly so. But in the world in which I hope to live, we do not spank where we should upbraid, and we do not smash where we should spank. I set this off -- unintentionally, true, but nonetheless for that unintentionality. Now I must hope I can repair it somewhat. Please, if you value my friendship or our fan relationship, if you posted something negative about this restaurant based on anything but their food, please do me the honor and favor of deleting it. Thank you.

In compliance with Jim's request to his friends and fans, I have deleted my original posting. Since he's satisfied, that's all that matters.


Jay said...

After reading JIm's post and the angry posts on the restaurant's page, I was curious to know if anyone approached them directly for an explanation of their actions? This was a despicable choice made by management; what do they have to say for themselves? Anyone have follow-up?

Armand Vaquer said...

Yes, as Jim wrote, he did and got no response out of them. Besides the angry comments on their Facebook page, there's plenty of them on Yelp, too! - A.

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